Garden of the Unicorn Vase

Edition:  D1

Era: Olszewski Personal Works

Category: Original

Product Line: Art of Miniature

Series Name: Gardens

Art Form: Figurine

Size: Refer to image

Identifying Mark: Hand Signed D1 and D2

First Year of Issue: c. 2017

First Year Issue Price: Varies see Comprehensive listing.

Edition Size:  Open

Artist's Age: 72

Vase with roses on table

Shown above on the right is the Garden of the Unicorn Vase that measures

1 5/8" tall x 1 1/8" wide x 1 7/16" deep for $175.00.  Also shown on the left is the vase sitting on a miniature table with two candle holders with a bunch of miniature flowers, that can be purchased at a miniature store.


Shown below is an accessorized Vase filled with a dozen miniature roses crafted by the artist available for the issue price of $375.00. 

Vase with Roses

HISTORY: To celebrate Olszewski's 40th year creating miniature art works, he created this 1/12th scale figure for his new Gardens Series inspired by the "Unicorn Tapestries" that are on display at the Metropolitan Museum's "Cloisters" in New York.  This new work, in the form of a vase, was released in November 2017 in two different versions, with Roses and without.  To achieve the best result, the design is made up of a combination of castings, "Resin" for detail and "Bronze" for strength. Each piece produced is hand painted by "Bob" in a classic blue and white porcelain finish. 

     The offering is "The Garden of the Unicorn Vase", which can be used to accessorize any miniature room.  The Vase accessories include a bouquet of miniature roses is also available which displays a dozen bronze roses. In the Medieval garden, roses, a symbol of love, were the most beloved of flowers.  To be able to include them in the finished work Bob pushed the boundaries of what is possible.  After the rose with leaf and stem is cast in bronze, Bob cuts each stem to the right length, bends each leaf and stem to the final shape, hand paints each piece individually, and arranges each to form the final open and airy feeling of a dozen well-placed Roses.

     Miniaturists can decorate their vase as they wish with a variety of miniature flowers than can be purchased at most miniature shops worldwide.

     Both versions, Vase with and without Roses, can be purchased on the artist's online store.  This product is made in the U.S.A.

Source(s):  Olszewski Studios



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