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     This site is dedicated to the complete body of work created by me under license or commission and/or produced by Goebel, the Franklin Mint, Danbury Mint, Harmony Ball, The Walt Disney Company, Enesco, and Olszewski Studios. The goal of this site is to publish information about my art. Schedules of my personal appearances will be published as soon as information becomes available.  These events can be found by clicking here or you can keep informed by signing up for our periodic announcements by clicking here to get on our email mailing list.

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Robert Olszewski

March 1st, 2006

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Helpful Hint for those seeking information about Olszewski and his art

A Good Way to Find information about something contained on this site is to use the "Search Engine" found at the bottom of each page displayed.  Simply enter the name or part of the name you are looking for into the space, press enter, and a result will be displayed.  From there, click on the links to take you to the information that is available.  We are constantly adding new art and new information.  If you have questions or comments, please them send to:


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  On 3 March 2021 Bob Olszewski has released another Binder (No. 2) that features the Luminiart piece, The Egyptian Pyramid. Click here which will take you to the Olszewski Studios online store where the binder can be ordered.  Collector comments on the Binder No. 1 can be viewed by clicking here. Posted 3/3/2021
   Bob Olszewski has made a new Product Announcement on 22 October 2020.  Did you receive the email?  If not, please click here to read all about it. Or, go directly to his Online Store and check out the new Publications category.  Click here to read the Collector Comments that Bob has received about the new Binder Project.






Bob Olszewski is on Instagram and Facebook. 





  New Olszewski Events Announced.  Didn't get the email?, well, sign up by clicking here or click here to take you the artist's Events Page.



  Sleeping Beauty Film 60th Anniversary Gallery of Light released. Now available at Disney Parks.



  All post Goebel Miniatures (1980-1994) releases are included in the Olszewski Studios (1994 to Today!) listing.  Click here to take you to the listing.



  Orders for the new Olszewski Gallery of Light Starry Night are now being shipped!  Did you order yours?  If not, go to the Olszewski Studios online store




40th Anniversary of Olszewski Studios

Commemorative Anniversary released two new pieces to include: 

Art of Miniature The Garden of the Unicorn and Gallery of Light Vincent Van Gogh's "Starry Night".  Click here to review the Olszewski Gallery of Light Collection.






Have you heard about the Olszewski Everything List?"

Get on Bob's Everything List so you do not want to miss out on the opportunity to purchase his art.  Because of his "Natural Limitations" Bob has decided to offer a format that was used in his first home studio in 1977.  At that time, his growing collector base let him know that they did not want to miss out on any of the new releases.  To sign up click the following links which will take to where you can sign up.

Olszewski Art of Miniature (aka Micro Works)

Olszewski Personal Gallery of Light, or if you prefer to know about all, "The Everything List".

Posted 11/16/2017
Olszewski Collections and Themes
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Olszewski Paintings, Papier Mâché, Doll House, and Sculpture, 1960 - 2001
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Olszewski Studios and Pre-Goebel, 1977 - 1979
Goebel Miniatures, 1979 - 1994
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Olszewski Studios, 1994 - Today
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Olszewski Art Work Available for Purchase: Where to find, Where to Buy! 
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The Summary List of ALL Olszewski Individual Art Works
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The Olszewski Collector's Corner - see what others are saying and doing!
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A History of Past "Keeping You Informed" Announcements from Olszewski Studios



A Webmaster Welcome

I am delighted to be involved in the development of my brother's web-site.  This has been a truly wonderful experience gathering and sharing information about his magnificent works of art he has created over the past 45 years.  I hope you have as much fun reading it as I did researching and putting it together.  We are continually updating the web site as there is so much information to share with visitors.  Some astute visitors send in comments with correction I have made and these continue to be welcomed!  We hope the site enhances your own education about the art and the artist. 

Notice the two different colors shown in the block below.  We chose these colors to differentiate when Robert, personally, makes contributions and when I make contributions to the information.   As Bob's Brother, I've seen his art grow, sold his art, wrote about it,  evaluated it, and lived some of it with him. 





We have tried to make the web-site as user-friendly as possible.  Be aware changes are being made daily improving the appearance, adding new information, and correcting that which has previously been published as this project grows.  You will find new writings by Robert, items for sale by Olszewski Studios, beneficial links to other web-sites and descriptions to name but a few.  FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) are most welcome, are answered as promptly as possible and we will share those that will assist others in their journey into the art world of Robert Olszewski.   Since we launched the official Olszewski Studios web site, we have also established additional web sites (links shown below) which we hope will be of great value to you. 

Here is the list of those sites (they all have something do with Olszewski):


The Official Robert Olszewski Informational Website
The Official Olszewski Studios Online Retail Store
The Official Olszewski Studios Blog


To navigate from this page, you can either choose the menu buttons/links on the top menu, at the bottom or click on the bumble bees shown on this page.  To assist you further, there is an Introduction and Guide and of course the search engine below can be very helpful.   For example:  Type in "Cinderella" without the quotes. of course and see what happens!

Thank you for visiting, your interest in Olszewski Studios, and for appreciating my brother's wonderful art over all these many years. 


Ray Olszewski

Olszewski Studios



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